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If you would prefer free Las Vegas show tickets instead of free Las Vegas vacation accommodations, we can get you those too! We'll provide you with 2 free Las Vegas show tickets all of which are VIP seating. Just choose your favorite show from the 20+ Las Vegas Shows below and give us a call. Our concierge department will make all of the arrangements for your free show.

So why are we giving away free trips to Vegas and free tickets to Las Vegas shows and attractions? What's the catch? It must be a timeshare tour. Right?

We're happy to tell you that you're wrong! While we do require you to spend an hour of your time with us, we aren't trying to sell you a timeshare. If you are interested in a timeshare presentation for free Las Vegas show tickets, we can certainly arrange that. BUT ... We're a vacation marketing company and we're trying to get you to continue to book within our affiliated hotel systems all over the world. We'll show you how you can save money on accommodations, airfare, rental cars and more when booking your future travel plans. We're giving you free show tickets or accommodations because we're confident you'll see the value of continuing to use our services to plan your future vacations.

If you are a timeshare owner and you're currently looking to sell your property, we encourage you to come and spend some time with us as well. We'll show you how you can rid yourself of annual maintenance fees and the headaches that can come along with booking your vacation location. Get away from the stress and expense and start enjoying your vacations again. Just let our concierge department know you are an unhappy timeshare owner!

Free Vegas Show Ticket Requirements

In order to receive your free Las Vegas show tickets you must meet the following outlined requirements. We can only provide free show tickets to the demographic that we know travels most frequently and are more likely to become repeat travelers. Tickets are subject to availability based on your chosen dates but we rarely have trouble getting you the tickets you want.

- You must Be 28 Years or Older to Participate

- Co-Habitating Couples or Married Couples only. Single people can attend if they have a timeshare property they are interested in selling.  Unmarried couples must have matching address on IDs to prove co-habitation.

- Possess Photo ID and a Major Credit Card for Hotel Incidentals

- Have a Household Income of $60,000 or Greater Annually.

- Must Attend A 60 Minute Presentation.

2 Free Tickets To Any Of These Las Vegas Shows

No taxes or fees to pay. Completely free VIP Seating. Tickets are issued electronically to your email upon attending the 60 minute Travel Show.

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